Legal advisers offer the structure and guidance necessary to fashion agreements.

Cross Roads Divorce Advisors offers the creative options, financial analysis and strategies necessary to help you pursue the most financially advantageous settlement possible.

Cross Roads Divorce Advisors provides education and support for our clients during difficult decision making processes in order to facilitate rational and informed conclusions. We believe Comprehensive Reporting, Analysis, Planning and Strategy are key building blocks for Intelligent Decision Making Processes. 


  • We help clients understand the short and long term financial consequences of settlement options.
  • We help level the playing field when one party feels at a disadvantage due to lack of financial knowledge or experience.
  • We help gather the data needed to make fully informed and intelligent decisions.
  • We help our clients strategize and build creative options to complicated settlement issues.
  • We help build complete and accurate pictures of the family financial dynamic.
  • We help conserve precious emotional and financial resources.
  • We help our clients plan for financial independence post-divorce and provide Clarity for your Financial Future.

We regularly provide the following services:

  • Net Worth Statements: data gathering and creation of detailed Net Worth Statements providing detailed guide to negotiations of asset and debt division including assistance with Declarations of Disclosures
  • Cash Flow Analysis: detailed budget and needs analysis including analysis of marital standard of living and assistance with Declarations of Disclosures
  • Income and Tax Projections: income tax planning, dependent exemption and support scenario comparisons, tax return and earning history reporting and analysis of income available for support
  • Pension Benefit Valuation and Analysis: defined benefit and defined contribution plan valuations, marital property valuations, and analysis of immediate asset offset or plan division though Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)
  • Asset Division Strategies and Tracking: detailed reporting and tax consequence analysis of asset division distributions including assistance with and tracking of qualified distributions. Unbiased and creative strategies to overcome difficult roadblocks to Asset Division and modeling of fiscal impact to family financial picture
  • Risk Assessment and Insurance Strategies: Placement of life insurance as security for child and spousal support


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